What’s wrong with my hair?

The semester is almost over, and I am in need of a job to save up for those summer bills and hopefully vacation trips! Yesterday, I went job hunting and had a quick interview with one of the managers after filling out an application. I wore appropriate attire and I was well-prepared. However, the manager sort of caught me off guard when she told me that the hiring manager might have a problem with my braids, and so I might need to take them out. I don’t have to wear braids. I have naturally curly hair, 3B, for those of you who don’t know the what 3B is, it is curly hair with loose coils. Don’t get me wrong, I love rocking my curly hair, however, I also like wearing it in many different styles. I recently got my hair braided a couple of days ago, and although it did not take that long, two hours max, I love the style and would feel bad for myself and the person that did my hair to have to take it out for a job interview. And the worst part is, to have done something so extreme and not get the job.

So my question is, what’s wrong with my hair? Why does the workforce require that we wear our hair a certain way? To me it seems like businesses want everyone to look alike on the spot, which is not the worst idea when it comes to uniformity, but I didn’t think that hair was a part of that too. What happened to businesses wanting diversity?